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5th Tech Talk of Year 2019-20 on
Technological Advancements in Safety Control Systems


The fifth Tech talk of the year was held on 21st December 2019 at the Hotel Chancery. The talk was delivered by Mr. Manjunath Subrahmanyam, who is VP of Asia Pacific, RTP Controls India Private Limited The talk was very well received and there was an extensive interaction with the members of the Chapter. The background for the talk was to serve as a product introduction and follow up to the Functional Safety Training conducted during First week of December 2020.

Mr. Manjunath Subrahmanyam has been with the Automation industry for the last 32years. He started his career as a GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) in 1987 at Larsen Toubro Limited, Powai, Mumbai in its Automation Division. He has worked at Pepperl+Fuchs and ABB. He is now heading RTP India since its inception. RTP Controls India Private Limited was established in India in 2007 as a fully owned subsidiary of RTP Corporation, Florida, USA and has recently completed 12 years in India to cater to the Indian and Asia Pacific market. RTP has more than 92% market share of safety control systems at major Nuclear Plants worldwide and has established itself as a technologically advanced Safety Control System manufacturer globally. RTP has also been a known name across Oil & Gas sectors in India.

Mr. Manjunath talked about the technological advancements in Safety Control Systems and how faster response times help in addressing Mission critical applications of the industry seamlessly and increase productivity with a realistic Return on Investment. All these will be available without any compromise on the safety of the Personnel or the Assets employed.


A total of 25 persons attended this talk. Mr. Manjunath, and other team members of M/s. RTP Controls Pvt. Ltd. with our membership chair Mr. Sukumaran before the talk.

Mr. Manjunath began his talk with the History of RTP and informed that it started as Computer Products Incorporated in 1968 with manufacturing of high ended data acquisition systems. He mentioned about the focus right from inception on Nuclear applications and the Glass Industry. He stressed on the strong Analog handling capability of the Data acquisition boards and in the RTP Control System and on the virtual elimination of interference in Analog signal handling with extremely high value of Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) being at 160 dB. He mentioned regarding the solutions given to Corning Glass and the Float Glass line of St Gobain. He next covered the timeline from 1968 – 1997 where projects were executed and products were sold for Chemical, Oil and gas Industry and Compressor control applications. He mentioned regarding the Patent obtained on their Analog card. RTP designed a very high speed Hybrid Control systems in the late 90’s and made it a mission to develop Safety Control Systems and be a technology leader in their offering of Safety Control Systems.

The unique feature of RTP systems are its Response time, handling more than 1000 PID loops in less than 10 milli seconds, True Redundancy, Plant wide distribution architecture, extremely high Availability figures, Software policy with their all-in-one Software package NetSuite offered as a site license without any restriction of tags. NetSuite Software can be used for multiple projects inside the plant site and all upgrades are free. The RTP hardware comes with 10 year warranty without any need for AMC by the end users. The products manufactured by RTP are supported for more than 25 years reducing the capital expenditure on retrofit or jacking of spares by the end customers. He then moved on to Safety and related Safety Controller devices.

Important features touched upon were SIL selection, Safe Failure Fraction (SFF), IEC61508 for Safety Controls and Safety case Database Blueprint for safety. He touched upon the development efforts concentrating on the Evolutionary V Model and the approach taken by RTP on hardware failure through Failure mode effects Diagnostics and Analysis (FMEDA), DC PFD, Mean Time to Fail Safe (MTTFS) , Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time to Fail Dangerous (MTTFd). He also stressed on Markoff Analysis and the reliability figures obtained. Other points were Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) and Markov Modelling. The Safety Integrity Level (SIL) was covered next followed by the Configuration of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The Integrity of the final element and sensors is important in SIS.

A view of the audience is shown below.

The talk then moved on to the Traditional Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) Architecture for Safety systems. The disadvantages were discussed before Proof Testing aspects were discussed.

RTP Architecture for the RTP3000-TAS N+ was described. The system consists of separate Node Processor and Chassis Processors with each of these having dedicated functions that works parallely. Each Node processor has Intel Atom processor and the Node processor is dedicated to logic solving. The Chassis processors also have multiple processors for doing the diagnostics, backplane integrity and time stamping with 1 ms resolution. There are dedicated processors for I/O and Ethernet with multiple diagnostics built-in. Proof test occurs in the system on a continuous basis.

The systems ensure High Availability, Integrity, Highest Performance and are SIL3 certified by TUV and Exida.

RTP systems provide for utmost diagnostics with multiple votings across the system and comprehensive diagnostics for elimination of Failures right from the Field sensors to the Final control element. Various diagnostics ensure a very high level of I/O integrity. The Integrity checks provide for Switch Integrity, Valve Integrity and Voting on messages. The Cost of a Nuisance trip is reduced significantly by the design principle of Voting on messages. The Benefits of the RTP3000-TAS are listed in the picture below.

In addition, RTP systems are fully Cyber secured with EDSA 300 Level-2 embedded security. The RTP programming package and tools are certified for IEC 61131-A. The Products have been used in Fire and Gas systems, ESD, Turbine controls and safety, Integrated Turbine and Compressor Controls, FSSS, BMS, BOP, Aircraft Jigs for Airforce, US Navy for submarine, Ghost ship, Process control and for Marine applications. A demonstration was given to conclude the Talk and the interactions continued over the High tea. All in all, a very technical evening keeping the objective of Tech Talks in mind.


ISA Bangalore Chapter organizes a monthly program called Tech Talk wherein we get an Industry expert to come and address the Chapter members and some invited non-members on topics of interest and the latest technology evolution.

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