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4th Tech Talk of Year 2019-20 on
Green Manufacturing for Sustainable Future


The fourth Tech talk of the year was held on 16th November 2019 after the EC meeting at the Hotel Chancery. The talk was delivered by Mr. L. Dayananda, who is a Consultant with BOSCH Corporate and works with CII as an Assessor for Excellence. He retired recently as DGM in the BOSCH Group The talk was very well received and there was an extensive interaction with the members of the Chapter. The background for the talk is the Green manufacturing methods followed in the BOSCH plant in Bangalore. Mr. L. Dayananda, from Bosch India is a veteran of BOSCH Industries having started his career in 1975 and pursued his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. From 1984 onwards, he wore the hats of Bosch India and a student of BE at Bangalore University. Subsequently he acquired PG Diploma's in Computer Applications, Environment Law, & Industrial Safety. He started his career in SPM Production and occupied various leadership positions in planning, Techno-commercial Audits, Costing, Industrial Engineering, EHS & Risk Management over the years. He has held many positions of increasing responsibility over the years.


A total of 20 persons attended this talk. Mr. Dayananda as he commences his talk.

Mr. Dayananda set the context first by talking about the environmental pollution caused by stubble burning in the Delhi NCR area. He then talked about BOSCH values and tied the work being done in handling environmental matters in the plant to the intellectual development of people.
He went on to talk about the Environmental Health Control (EHC) policy at BOSCH. He then described the 45001 and 14001 Certification. He then provided a classification of Pollution and Industrial Waste Management. Various Carcinogenic substances was discussed next. He next talked about how the various industrial wastes generated in the BOSCH were being handled.

Mr. Dayananda then talked about how environment aspects were handled w.r.t Diesel Generating (DG) Sets. Acid and Alkali fumes is treated through Scrubbers before letting it to atmosphere. DG stacks were monitored as per CPCB guidelines for Carbon-di-oxide and other gases and Electro-static Precipitators were used to prevent pollution in shop floor due to oil mist & grinding dust. Next water pollutants’ arising from surface treatment processes was discussed. The Lapping process has been completely done away with because of the use of Chrome paste in the process and replaced with Grinding. The factory has an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). A view of the audience is captured below.

Flooring has been Epoxy coated in most of the factory hangars. All the Production Machines were equipped with containment trays to handle oil spill. The scrap chips from the production machines were sent to smelters after bracketing & extracting oil. The BOSCH plant also has Organic waste convertors, coolant mist filters and ESP systems for each Grinding Machine. Bosch is a ZERO discharge plant. Waste- water from process are treaded in ETP & Reverse Osmosis process and used in surface treatment area. RO rejects are removed through evaporators. Bio-medical waste is sent to PCB authorized agency for incineration. Few surface treatment processes have been eliminated/modified with low hazard chemicals. Solid waste from ETP are sent to a PCB authorized external agency, who checks and after treatment, it’s put in landfill. Use of Hazardous chemicals like Cyanide, Hexavalent Chrome, Tri-Chloro-Ethylene etc., were eliminated in Heat treatment and surface treatment operations.
Carbon-di-oxide monitoring and reduction is one of the major objectives across Bosch plants and each plant are given upper limits based on business scenario. Best practices across plant are shared for implementation at higher Management level. Waste cold recovery of Liquid Nitrogen was done at the deep freezer. Lighting systems have been introduced at the Plant. SBP spirit consumption was reduced. Packaging cartons were replaced by collapsible Plastic bins. Asbestos roofing sheets have been done away with and replaced by sandwiched steel sheets. Water mist system was introduced in plant for fire prevention and used in place of CO2.
Seal Quench Furnaces are being used for Heat treatment in place of salt bath. Renewable energy generation has also been incorporated with solar panels on the roof-top in Nashik plant generating 13 MW of power and Bidadi plant solar panels generate 3.2MW of power. With all major eco-friendly initiatives, Bosch won awards for IOD, Golden Peacock award & CII Excellence awards.
The Talk was very detailed with a lot of comments that were made by the audience. Mr. Dayananda also elaborated on various Technology aspects and answered queries during this highly interactive talk.


ISA Bangalore Chapter organizes a monthly program called Tech Talk wherein we get an Industry expert to come and address the Chapter members and some invited non-members on topics of interest and the latest technology evolution.

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